AmbrowCart Ecommerce

Do you want to sell your products online?

Ambrow have the perfect solution. AmbrowCart is the new package offered by Ambrow for online catalogues and shops.

Ambrowcart is a secure customisable shopping cart system which can be taylored to your needs. As a user you will have control over your entire stock with the ability to add/edit/delete and even upload images of you products.

AmbrowCart features include:

Website - user interface

AmbrowCart offers a custom shop for your business which has the following features

Full Category setup
As a user you can have as many categories and sub-categories as you wish.

Search Facility
Search by Reference number, product and descripction.

Product Information
All your products can be displayed in your online shopping cart.

Product Images
All products can display an image which can be viewed enlarged for closer inspection by the client.

Product Descriptions
All products can have a lengthly (or short) description about what they are and what they do. You can also have up to 20 bullet points under the description to display more information to your client.

Product Options
Many products come in different shapes and sizes. The shopping cart can display up to 3 different options for each product allowing your client to select their prefered option when buying.

Shopping Cart
The shopping cart displays what the client has ordered and how much it will all cost. The client can add more of an item they already have in the cart, delete and view their items.

Control Panel - administration only

The shopping cart has a back end control panel that allows you to edit all of the features and details that are displayed.

Cart Setup
All your details such as address and contact numbers can be changed at any time. Also payment details such as VAT rate and delivery costs can be modified.

New catagories can be added to your shopping cart and old ones can be removed or edited.

New products can be added with the ability to edit details and prices and even upload an image.

You will have the ability to view all your orders that are currently being dealt with and all previous orders.

The features are too many to list. For more information please email

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