Database Design Services

In the early days of the Internet the 'static brochure' style website was perfectly adequate for most purposes. With the advancement of technology, computers and knowledge, website are becoming more 'dynamic'.

The most common method of adding dynamic content to a website is by using a database.

The natural progression from a static site is to add interactivity so that your potential customers can use the site and your services to a greater benefit.

Database solutions can be used for

  • Searchable list of products
  • Find an element of interest on a large website
  • Membership databases
  • Mailing lists
  • Question forums
  • Online website builders (design a webpage online)

The list is endless and only your imagination can hold you up on gaining maximum potential from your website using a database.

Depending upon your requirements, we design a database application carefully to cope with the demands online and the budget you have to spend.

For a small 100 item database a CSV table would suffice in most cases, but for larger applications we would choose an industry standard database that is proven to cope with high amounts of traffic on the Internet.

Visit our contact page and send us an enquiry regarding your database application and we will arrange to contact you accordingly, or alternatively call us on 01949 845188

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