E-Commerce Services

Trading online is big speak at the moment. But what is e-commerce? and how do you go about using it?

Our aim at Ambrow is to make the decision on whether you should trade online an easier one, or at least to help you decide on it's worth to your business.

E-Commerce is not just about selling your goods online but also the ability to procure online from other businesses that are key to your own success. E-Commerce is short for Electronic Commerce the method given to buying and selling eletronically over the Internet.

The advantage of e-commerce are vast compared to more traditional methods, for example, the Internet has opened up more corridors for trade abroad. You may find that an essential supply can be sourced from a foregin country at cheaper rates than your current supplier. Information is more readily available at your fingertips helping you to make business decisions more easily.

Ecommerce or Shopping Cart Design

At Ambrow we have developed a tailor-made e-commerce system for all your online trading requirements. The system we use can be set up as a simple template or can be crafted into your existing website to look and appear seamless.

Often e-commerce packages look 'bolted-on' and we believe that for a completely professional image this is not the most ideal solution. We take the time to ensure that your online store or shop works in unison with your website to make your customers feel more at home.

Our E-Commerce system boasts the following;

  • Fully functional catalogue system set up ready to use
  • Secure server for administratrion panel
  • Designed and integrated into your existing website
  • Full e-mail and telephone support
  • Peace of mind that after you have paid the set up fee the system is operational!
  • Free upgrades included under the agreement
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Hooks up with the major on-line credit card providers easily
  • Upload your own images - resizing done online
  • Full on-line control of your catalogue yourself after set up

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The features are too many to list. For more information please email web@ambrow.com

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