Ambrow Limited Price Terms

Hosting Accounts and Domain Names

business lite

2gb hosting space · 10 e-mail accounts · Unlimited email addresses · FREE domain name
£100.00 + VAT per annum

business pro

5gb hosting space · 100 e-mail accounts · Unlimited email addresses · FREE domain name
£150.00 + VAT per annum

business enterprise

10gb hosting space · 100 e-mail accounts · Unlimited email addresses · FREE domain name
£200.00 + VAT per annum

All hosting accounts will run for a period of exactly 12 months and will expire if payment has not been made for a further 12 months prior to the current account expiring. You will receive emailed reminders at 60, 30, 15, 7, 3 and final day for the renewal. There will be no exception to this rule. If an account is not paid for prior to renewal then it will not be renewed.

In all hosting account cases the period will begin on the date either a new domain is registered or the date on which an existing domain transfer is requested.

Hosting accounts are sold on the basis that you would use your existing connection providers outgoing mail server for the sending of emails.

Should you need an SMTP outgoing mail server we can supply this at £40.00 per annum.

Domain names registered only with forwarding for web and email are charged at £6.50 for .uk domains per annum and £15.00 per annum for all other domain types.

If a hosting account has expired, but the free domain name is still within the registration period, then the client subsequently wishes to have either the account re-activated, the domain transferred or the domain held by Ambrow Limited, there will be a £20.00 fee payable in addition to any other hosting account fees or otherwise.

Transfer in to Ambrow Limited of a domain name from another provider charge FREE OF CHARGE for all .uk domain names, £15.00 for all other which includes 12 months renewal fees.

Transfer out a domain name from Ambrow Limited to another provider is free if carried out within a paid for hosting account period of domain only registration period.

Email set up on client computers

As part of any hosting package that Ambrow Limited offer you will be issued with instructions on how to set up your new email account on your computer. This will include a typed copy of your email account settings including username and password. This document is important and should be kept in a safe place.

Should you not understand how to configure your computer Ambrow Limited will free of charge assist you over the telephone with the setting up of your new email account for the first time. When set up this will be tested with you to check that sending and receiving email works. Any subsequent set ups that require assistance from Ambrow Limited on either a new computer, an upgraded computer or additional computers will be charged at our standard charge based on hourly working or any part of an hour.

We provide free of charge to all hosting account clients a simple to use webmail system which allows you to send and receive emails through your web browser. We allow you to store up to 1 gb of emails at any one time and will advise you when this limit is being approached. We will ask that you either delete emails or download them to your computer using email software.

Standard charges

Hourly rate for work carried out by Ambrow Limited at Ambrow Limited’s premises £50.00 per hour or any part of an hour.

Hourly rate for work carried out by Ambrow Limited on clients premises £60.00 per hour or any part of an hour.

The above charges apply to any work that is not covered by an existing maintenance arrangement with Ambrow Limited, or telephone assistance with any matter, upgrades or changes to your website, advice on how to carry out works yourself or any other matter that Ambrow Limited deem chargeable at these rates.

Please note that if you request works to be carried out you will be reminded of these charges so you reserve the option not to order the works.

Please note all prices are subject to the addition of VAT at the standard rate.

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