Mobile Email Solutions

With more and more powerful mobile devices being used everyday, Ambrow recognises that travel in business both within the UK and outside the UK is part of everyday commerce.

Most connection agents or broadband suppliers provide an SMTP outgoing email service for your PC, Laptop or mobile device, when you are connected on their network.

Here is an example. You have your laptop in your office happily working on your broadband connection and using your suppliers SMTP outgoing email relay. You then hop into the car for a meeting, and when you arrive you need to send a few emails. Instant problem. You will connect using a wireless network or mobile broadband card or stick, but the email will not send as your email software is looking for your broadband suppliers SMTP!

Ambrow can help you!

We provide an SMTP outgoing relay service that is 100% transportable, 100% compatible and can work on any network regardless of who you connect with. Oh, and it also works overseas as well!

Of course, we do apply a small charge for such luxury...

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